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Dear Partner!

Thank you for your interest, we are very glad.
We ensure that our customers offer the best quality products at the best price.

We need some information, please write to us (and send it here)
1 - Which products would you like to buy?
2 - What quantity would you like to order?
3 - Your invoicing address
4 - Your shipping address (where we should send the parcel)
5 - Eu-VAT nummer (if you live in EU)

Accordingly we will create an user account, with which you can see much better prices.
Then: if you like to buy, only "add to cart", and we will send pro-forma invoice to you (maximum within 2 workdays)
Minimum order: 500€
You can pay with Bank transfer.

When arrived the money on our account, we send the ordered items to you. (maximum within 2 workdays)
(We will put includ the invoice in the package for customs declaration.)

If there is anything we can help you, we very happy to answer your questions (send it here).
We hope that, this will be, a useful and long-term business cooperation.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards:
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